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WilFiks Razor Sharp 13 ..Heavy Duty Curved Hand Saw Review

WilFiks Razor Sharp 13 ..Heavy Duty Curved Hand Saw Review

► CUT, TRIM & PRUNE: With these 13″ Razor Sharp Curved Blade Hand Saw, cutting your shrubs, bushes, branches and trees is easy thanks to razor sharp hardened carbon steel blade and a comfortable grip. Ideal and convenient for small-large sized hands.

► DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Induction-hardened teeth that stay sharp up to five times longer than standard teeth and produces smooth, sharp, and quick cuts that quickly slice through branches & twigs for faster, prettier and healthier landscaping. Heavy duty screws for secure blade to handle assembly.

► ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Pistol Style Grip with Non-Slip Soft Rubber Handles designed for maximum comfort and sturdy feel while Cutting/Sawing, these saw makes gardening comfortable so you can enjoy your hobby for hours on end without blisters or calluses. Includes a protective sheath that can be attached to your work belt as well as used for storage for your saw.

► QUICK CUTS: Three cutting surfaces to cut up to 50% faster than traditional handsaws. This hand saw fast cuts on push and pull strokes. Deep Gullets provide rapid removal of chips. Convenient Hanging Hole for Easy Storage. The blades and rubberized grips are super easy to clean and require virtually no maintenance

► EASY TO USE: The Saw is perfect to use for farmers, gardeners, general contractors, woodworkers and More. Ideal and convenient saw for cutting through small and large tree branches, wood, plastic pipe, plywood, wallboard. You can count on these hand saws to deliver superior, long lasting performance and great results.

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